Monday Madness

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Today was a beautiful day, but being in Texas I wasn't to shocked that it was burning up outside. Monday is such a crazy day for me (that's why this post is so late, sorry) that's why I have to pick an outfit that will go from place to place. For me, I have to think of an outfit that will carry me from classes, to work, and then to meetings. Style is always a must, but comfort has to come with my outfits too. Flats were a definite must for today, especially walking to, around, and back from campus. Skirts are so comfotable to me, so I felt it was an essential for today. I know my skirt is off-white, but I just love it. The biggest key to a great outfit is loving what you wear. If you love it, your confidence will reflect it and everyone around you will see it too. Go find an outfit that makes you feel like one-hundred bucks and work it around campus!

What I'm wearing:
Shirt: Gift
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Jewelry: Ring-Forever 21, Chain Bracelet-Juicy Couture (sale!), Necklace & Other bracelet-Borrowed from my mom
Sunglasses: Gift

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