shoe madness

{From Top Left to Right: Brown Wedge, Espadrille Wedge, Yellow Pop of ColorMulticolored Flats , Purple Pumps, Black Colorblock Pumps, Teal Heel, Blush Pumps, Pink Flats, Silver Toe Flats, Geometric Sandal, Ankle Strap Patterned Sandal}

Forget March madness, it's all about shoe madness. These are my favorites from Target, they range from flats to heels and of course they are all affordable. So tell me, what are your favorite Spring shoes? 

Happy Monday darlings!

starry day

{I'm not too sure why the ground is so dirty, yuck. Sorry}


ASOS watch
{Mint Watch: ASOS}

{Gold Friendship bracelet: Etsy}

Charlotte Russe X-Front Zigzag Fabric Wedge
{Spring Wedges: Charlotte Russe}

Ray Ban Sunglasses Folding Wayfarers
{Compact Sunglasses: Ray Ban}

{Lace Shorts: Pac Sun

{Lauren Conrad: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls}

Hello Darlings! I am sorry I have not blogged in forever, I have had personnel issues. I have missed blogging, I was starting to have withdraws.

Through all the craziness I managed to pick my six favorite things right now. I hope you enjoy my loves! (Short, sweet, and to the point.)


Hello dear. So I ran upon this video last night as I was distracting myself from studying and fell in love with it. They are so spot-on about what "fashion girls say", I even caught a few lines that I am guilty of saying (whoops..). But be prepared to laugh your bright colored pants off (which are super affordable at Old Navy right now). Have a wonderful Wednesday darlings!