sugar attack

{These were only a few of the cookies, a lot had already been eaten}

target's hot list

Target's Hot Gifts Under $25
{ Hot Gifts Under $25 }

Now ladies (gents too) if your anything like myself, I wait till the last minute for people that I forgot about before (I'm sorry, I love you). Like every other crazy person, I go from store to store in the madness. I usually get my larger gifts during black Friday, but this time I got a little off track and found some other things (a few new items for my closet). So I saw Target with their advertisement for last minute deals, which is perfect for me since their all affordable and great! I put together a list of my hottest finds at Target all under twenty-five dollars. Perfect!

Hot List:
1. Marquis Drop Earrings- $6.99
2. Waffle Maker- $25
3. Orange Fedora- $15
4. Pashmina Scarf- $10
5. Donut Maker- $17.99
6. Jewelry Tree- $15
7. Faux Fur Toss Pillow- $20
8. Boyfriend Cardigan- $15

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wish list

This is my wish list created {here} for the Holidays. Also on the link is the full list of prices and my commentary. There is really expensive to super affordable items (that is why it's called a wish list). I hope you enjoy my list, I love everything on there. Happy finals week stressed college students (sarcasm of course)! Now off to add more caffeine to my system.

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dress up

{sorry for the grainy pictures}

small town

Its been a while since I have posted guys, Sorry! I went out of town to a conference with my RHA(resident hall association) and had no time to post because I was busy 24/7. My only outfit choices for the week/weekend consisted of matching group t-shirts and jeans (not to interesting for a blog against wearing t-shirt and jeans everyday). These are just a a few pictures I took in Roundrock, TX with their delicious giant donuts. It was such a cute little town right outside of Austin. One more thing, don't forget to be fabulous!

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Target Couture

These Looks are on Target

{From Left to Right- Merona:$40, Body Con Dress:$23, Mossimo Sweater Dress:$30, Mossimo Belted Dress:$30, Sweater Dress: $30; Suede Ballet Flats:$13, Suede Wedge Teal:$25}

Forever 21 Sale

Photo by: Forever 21
Hello. I am just getting use to posting on my blog (confusing!), but I found that Forever 21 has a great sale right now! Buy one, Get one free (ends the 23rd)! Great clothes to be comfy on and off-campus. So go now, I already am starting my list.

Forever 21-Chilly Day

Forever 21-Chilly Day