10 gifts under $10

10 gifts under $10
{10 gifts under $10 by sabrock04 created on Polyvore}

I love everything in this gifts guide for college students on a budget! Everything is super cheap and cute that could possibly be for a guy or gal. My guide is a bit comical/sarcastic (as funny as I can get after studying all week), so don't take offense. I have gotten some amazing gifts for friends in the past that didn't "break the bank", so that's why I made a guide to share with all.  These were just a few of my favorites, share some of your favorites below in the comment box!

Gift Guide:
1. Jewelry Organizer- Forever 21 $9.80 {for the messy friend with tons of jewelry...me}
2. Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers- Modcloth.com $6.99 {for the friend obsessed with cats}
3. Striped BodyCon Skirt- Forever 21 $8.80 {for the friend who wears skirts all the time...me}
4. Mu-Stash Glasses Stand- Modcloth.com $13 {for the funny girl/guy...not under ten, but so irrisistible}
5. Tweets and Status Updates for All Occasions- Modcloth.com $8.99 {for the girl/guy who constantly updates their status}
6. Scarf- Forever 21 $8.80 {for the girl always bundled up in a scarf}
7. Earing Set- Forever 21 $4.80 {for the girl always loosing earings...now she has six pairs}
8. Headband- Forever 21 $7.84 {for the hippie friend...we all have one}
9. Sunglasses- Forever 21 $5.80 {for the girl always rockin' sunglasses}
10. Rings- H&M $4.70 {for the girl who always looses rings or wears a ton of rings}

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