sugar attack

{These were only a few of the cookies, a lot had already been eaten}

One of my favorite parts of the holidays are all the yummy deserts, especially the sugar cookies. For our Christmas party last weekend I made tons of cookies for everyone to eat and take home. Growing up every year my mom and I would always attempt to make elaborate sugar cookies, but somehow they always ended up burnt. This year it was my mission to make wonderful sugar cookies starting with a pre-made store-bought dough. I went {here} for the star sugar cookies recipe and I went {here} for the icing for all the sugar cookies. For the icing I substituted the milk for marshmallow fluff, because I love the taste and thought it would be a great addition. For the cookies with colored sugar sprinkles I went {here} for the recipe and they were so delicious even without icing. The wreath cookies were a breeze to make and I got the recipe from {here}, I made a minor change to the recipe and added colored chocolate candies for ornaments instead. The last cookies were the Santa Claus cookies (a huge hit), I went {here} for the recipe idea. On Santa I replaced the coconut beard with marshmallow and the red icing with red sprinkles for taste reasons. The cookies were a hit and I must say they taste fabulous! Enjoy the yummy recipes and keep the holidays sweet.

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