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nine divine from ModCloth

nine divine by ModCloth

So I have been browsing around ModCloth's website and have found tons of stuff I love. I narrowed down my list of favorites to my top nine (it was very difficult and a lot of resisting). These hot-lister's are just in my price range, but still simply fabulous. Have a wonderful Wednesday darlings. (I kept it short and sweet today).

The Nine Divine:
1. These are rainboots and I am so in love with them. Get them {here} for $52.99.
2. Meow. I don't know what my obsession with leopard is lately, but these loafers are amazing. You can get them {here} for only $29.99. What a purrr-fect deal (I know I'm corny, don't judge).
3. Become the ultimate diva in these sparkly pumps. i love the unusual shape of heel on these (hoping their sturdy). A little pricey but, you can get them {here} for $47.99
4. This ring is cute with a little big of edge in two different colors. You can get this {here} for only $11.99.
5. Polka dots are one of my favorite things to wear right now, well actually since forever (I was kinda obsessed with polka dots as a child). This cute dot top is pricey, but {here} for $49.99
6. Nothing makes me want to have tee or coffee more than finding a little fox in my mug to tell I'm all done. It makes me feel like a kid again, like when I used to get congratulated for making a happy plate or cup (eating everything off my plate or drinking all my drink). Relive your memories {here} for only $24.99.
7. Bring on the sparkle and shine in this dress. Perfect for upcoming valentines day or to brighten up a room for any occasion. I was shocked to see all this glamor {here} for only $27.99.
8. Vintage little bottle perfect for my dorm desk. I can put oils or fragrance in it and leave the bottle open to make my room smell good (no candles allowed in dorms). All of this pretty little thing {here} for only $15.99.
9. I have a true obsession with Audrey Hepurn and dresses, so when I saw her on the cover of "Fifty Dresses that Changed the World" I thought how perfect is this book for me. And don't let anyone ever tell you that fashion didn't change the world. This amazing book {here} for only $19.99.

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