pop of color

Pop of Color

Hello loves, I'm sorry I have not posted in a while life (school) has been quite demanding lately and I have not had time at all. But I promise I will be showing more love to my darling (my darling referring to my blog. at least I didn't give it a real name, that's when you should be concerned).
Anywho I have found myself in a strange addiction to pants partially because Kendi (her blog is here) looks so fabulous wearing them. The other reason is one of my strange new years' resolutions is to not be afraid of color! I have always feared to wear colored pants. I may have thought I would be mistaken as one of the circus acts or mistaken as Ronald McDonald, either way not a cute look. But from seeing so many cute looks for the Spring I thought why not give color a try. I am a skirt and dress woman, but these pants look so cute on there will be no mistakes as Mr. Ron.
The look on the left is one of my favorites right now, a blouse tucked into a bright colored pants and a pop of color shoe and scarf is simply gorgeous. You can also go classy chic like the outfit on the right, but still staying with the new spring trends by mixing red and pink or coral and pink. A classy pink dress with red shoes (it strangely doesn't look red on here, but I promise it is) and a bright red polka dot scarf tied in a bow around the neck is spring chic at its finest. I dare you to mix it up and be bold!

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: H&M $32
Pants: Forever 21 $20
Shoes: Target $15
Scarf: J. Crew $23 (you can use any scarf, ask your mom or grandma to borrow one)

Dress: H&M $24
Shoes: Wet seal $15
Scarf: J. Crew $23

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