fat chance

Hello lovelies! In honor of fat Tuesday yesterday I wore a Madi Gras colored skirt. I'm loving all sorts of greens this spring (I can't wait much longer to show off my spring clothes). Now if only I could teleport myself straight to Louisiana and eat a pound of yummy crawfish my life would be complete, well content. Instead, I ate lots of college kid affordable food (ramen) and studied in my dorm (I know, hold back your excitement).

As everyone already knows I have a huge obsession with polka dots, so you know I'm in love with my new polka dot tights. I never thought I would find a chance to wear them, or actually build up the courage to wear them out my door. They are a bit courageous for little ol' me. But they turned out great and am proud to report that they were a success. Have a great food hangover Wednesday, but remember to stay fabulous darling (even if those skinny jeans are a bit to skinny today, but it's okay because that's what fat Tuesday's all about).

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21 (in stores now)
Tights: Target (in stores now)
Shoes: Juicy Couture from Marshalls
Purse: Michael Kors (gift)
Jewelry: Necklace- My mother's, Ring- Forever 21, Bracelet- Juicy Couture (gift), Earrings- Charming Charlies

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