orange attack

Orange you glad it's Spring

Orange's of the Spring

Spring is almost here fashionista's! It's taking all my strength to not break out the floral prints, especially since it was a beautiful 70 degrees today in crazy weather Texas. 

Some of my favorite colors this spring is the different shades of oranges. I never liked orange in the past, but a few years ago it has become one of my favorite spring colors. If your not fully committed to the orange trend yet, try just a pop of orange as a belt or over-sized clutch. If your loving the orange try an orange skirt with a white top or orange pants with a hot pink top. Still not sure? Test out the color by buying an orange nail polish (try some of the cute nail designs from Pinterest here) and if you like it try buying a top or heels (flats for me). Orange you glad it's almost spring (I know, pretty corny)?

What I'm Wearing:
Pleated Skirt: French Connection- $40
Orange Pants: H&M- $40 {similar}
Lace Skirt: $12
T-Shirt: Mango- $36
Chunky Platforms: $24
Flats: Wetseal- $15
Over-Sized Clutch: American Apparel- $56
Business Card Holder: Dooney & Bourke- $40
iPhone Case: Kate Spade- $40
Nail Polish: Essie- $8

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  1. love the pleated skirt!