Colder Days

I may have been a tad exhausted.

This outfit is from yesterday. I couldn't post yesterday, super busy (sorry guys)! But it was a casual and finally colder day (cold for Texas, 59-ish degrees). I am a strong believer in leggings, they are flattering to most sizes and super comfy, yet warm. But leggings are NOT pants! They look great under a loose top, pretty dress, or a long cardigan. The only time leggings can be accepted as a pant, is at the gym with a  fairly loose t-shirt. Yesterday I wore a loose, poetry type of top with leggings, my favorite winter jacket and favorite boots. Remember that winter outfits are about being stylish and warm (lets be practical ladies and not end up with the flu). I don't think nike shorts and a hoodie is an acceptable winter choice for being on-campus going from one building to another. Be smart and gorgeous darlings.

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What I'm Wearing:
Jacket: Forever 21(on sale!)
Shirt: Marshalls
Boots: Gift (sorry!)
Leggings: Wal-mart
Scarf: Wal-mart
Jewelry: Ring-Dots, Bracelet-Family Heirloom, Earings-Charming Charlies

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