Fall into Fashion

Fall Basics for your Campus
Fall Basics for your Campus

Hello my fashion lovers. I'm sorry it has been a while since I have last posted, but I have gone through some unfortunate events recently. Enough of the sad news, time for fashion! As Fall is coming to an end and winter is coming rapidly, I thought I would recap on all my favorite looks (many of these looks can also transfer into winter). I decided to get creative and collected some of my favorite affordable fall looks from this season and made a collage. I think a fur vest is an absolute fall essential and can also be for the winter and I am completely obsessed. I love boyfriend sweaters, there so comfy, easy, and stylish. Leggings are amazing. I have already posted about leggings and how I love them before. The handbag is a bit pricey for a students budget, but it can also be used to carry books or a notebook for classes so it makes up for the price. Flats, as always, are a must for walking around on-campus and the pop of blue definitely stands out. Add some hot accessories, like this cuff and scarf and your outfit is fabulous.  Many items you already have in your closet and you can just pair it with some new items from this season. Be the smartest and cutest girl on your campus. Your wallet will thank you later.
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Whats In the Set:

Boyfriend Sweater: Forever 21-$18
Fur Vest: H&M-$32
Leggings: Kohl's-$9.49 (there are cheaper at wal-mart, I couldn't find a picture)
Shoes: Target-$15
Purse: Forever 21-$23
Scarf: Forever 21-$15 (cheaper scarfs at wal-mart & target)
Cuff: Forever21-$6.80

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