Follow the Trends

I know it's only March 2nd, but I can't deny I have major spring fever! I love spring wardrobe, from the bright colors to the floral dresses. The only things I don't like about spring is the Texas rainy weather and the fact that it is no longer acceptable for me not to shave my legs since it's too hot to wear tights/pants (I know I'm not the only one). I just realized I've mentioned weather in the last three posts, so I am sorry for complaining about Texas weather.

I have put together some of my favorite looks for this spring all from Forever 21. I am loving cut-outs, they are sweet and edgy at the same time. The next trend is color blocking, which I have loved my whole life. Color blocking is almost always chic, especially black and white. What's not to love about the bright hot colors this spring season? I have posted a lot about bright spring colors, I love it so much and think it's an essential for everyone's spring wardrobe, so brighten up darlings. The last trend is the textures of all of the clothing. Like the top in the picture (bottom, right) with a mixture of lace and sheer and the electric blue blazer that is woven, it makes the pieces unique. Those are my trendy trends for spring have a fashionable Friday loves!

What I'm Wearing:
Cut-outs- Black & White {left}: $18, Amber {right}: $23
Color Block- Skirt {left}: $18, Jacket {right}: $33
Pop of Color- Shorts {left}: $16, Dress {right}: $23
Texture- Shirt {left}: $25, Jacket {right}: $30


  1. Gorgeous. I love these trends and you do them beautifully! Your newest follower <3 Sarah

    Follow back? ;]

  2. I did make my blog layout! As in the header and such, I love your layout as well btw! It's lovely! <3 Sarah

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate it.