blue ombre cake

{yes, that is a mustache on a cake. I have a new obsession with paper mustaches, not real ones}

Hello loves! I'm sorry I have not been posting it is the week before finals and I am definitely stressing to the max. I thought I would share some of the pictures from my lovely ombre cake for my boyfriends birthday.

I am not the best cake maker (I'm more of a cupcake person) as you can see, but I wanted to try something different for my boyfriends birthday this year. Just like everyone else, I am completely obsessed with ombre and definitely wanted to give ombre cake a whirl. He loves the color blue, so why not make him a blue ombre cake. What better way to make him happy than cake? He had no clue it was ombre until he cut inside the cake, lets just say he was shocked, but in a good way of course. It was very yummy and huge hit, so give it a try for your next event! Here is the directions I used, just add your color of choice instead.

What you need:
2 Boxed cake mixes (including the ingredients on the box) or you can do it from scratch if your a pro
2 Cans of icing
Food coloring in your color of choice (I used McCormick Neon Food Coloring)


  1. Wow, good job! I have been wanting to make a cake like this :)

  2. wow. way to go! incorporating fashion trends into cake. i like it :)

  3. i just did some nails that look just like your cake! lol
    it looks absolutely delicious by the way!
    such a charming blog, doll!
    following you now :)
    would love if you checked out my blog and followed if you like :)