Mani Monday: Polka Dot Spirit

 nails: Essie- Bobbing for Baubles, Wet n Wild- Club Havana, White-{similar}

I finally have polka dot nails down! Saturday was my University's Homecoming game so I had to make my nails spirited for the big game. Now I am a lover of polka dots, but I always have a hard time making polka dots on nails. I've tried using tooth picks, but in my opinion they're too small. I've tried to do them free hand, and that's a mess. So I decided to use an old pen that no longer had ink as a dotting tool for my polka dots and it came out great! All you need is: your school's colors (I suggest the beautiful orange and blue), an old pen, a steady hand, and patience. Wha-la, beautiful nails!

Unfortunately we did not win our homecoming game, but lets not focus on that. Focus on the pretty polka dots! Have a happy Monday fashionista's!


  1. Love your polka dot mani. The idea of using an old pen is genius! I can't wait to try it.

    Hudson East