Bringin' the Beanie Attitude

coat: Poetry // button down: recycled uniform shirt // striped tee: Living Doll- Marshalls // leggings: gift // boots: borrowed from my mom's closet // necklace: Forever 21 // beanie: similar // lips: Cherry Picking- Wet n' Wild

For some reason beanie's brings out the sassiness in me. There was definitely a lot of pouty lips and major attitude photos in this post. I guess beanies also make me picture crazy since this post has more pictures than my usual post. 

I'm actually sad to see winter go now that I have beanie. Thank goodness Texas weather is completely unpredictable and we still have a few random "cold" days left! 

Also a little birdie told me that beanies will be in Fall 2013, so don't retire it just yet! Also this "birdie" was just me stalking all of the shows from New York Fashion Week and noticing that beanies were everywhere. My heart is now filled with joy (or sassiness) that I can wear my beanie another season! Yay!

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