Wheels Up

Well I am no longer vacationing with the sun on my skin and sand between my toes, but I am definitely ready for the next adventure!

From traveling so much last year I have learned some tips and trick to help you travel wisely:

1. As hard as it seems, don't overpack!
I am the person who thinks of everything that could happen, but trust me this will help with your load by minimizing. I planned an outfit per day plus two extra outfits that were just in case outfits. I would change up my daytime outfits with a few pieces like a leather jacket or shoes change to transition my outfit to night time.
2. Keep your luggage down to two bags.
Your shoulders and back will thank you with this one! I personally like to check my rolling back (more room) and carry on my "laptop bag." I like to have a really small cross body with my immediate things I need though (phone, ID, Passport, charger, liquids- sanitizer, chapstick).

3. Use your jacket as a blanket while flying.
Not only will you save space in your luggage (you'll need it, trust me), but it will double as a blanket in the often very cold plane. I also was traveling from warmer weather to colder weather, so having my jacket on me was very important upon arrival.

4. Sign up for SkyMiles.
It may seem trivial, but it will help in the long run. Those Sky miles add up and can offer some serious perks. Also, the best part is, it's free to sign up (just don't get conned into a credit card).

5. Download the airlines app.
Take advantage of the airline you are traveling with's app. I usually fly with Delta or United Airlines and they both have apps that keep you updated with your checked bag (such a brilliant idea), gate changes, boarding notifications, watching free movies/tv shows, and your boarding pass. I never print out boarding passes anymore, as I have it conveniently on my phone for the airlines and TSA to scan without having to keep track of a million papers. Pro Tip: Add it to your Apple Wallet and it will pop up automatically a few hours before boarding begins. 

Extras: Wear socks through TSA. Pay a little extra and get the TSA Pre Check- it will get you through TSA in about 5 minutes or less (must book appointment a few months in advance to flight) (on my to-do list!). Invest in a iphone charging case for longer trips. Dress comfy (this outfit was so comfy, but cute). 

sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Old Navy
jacket: JustFab
booties: Sears
necklace: Walmart
luggage: HSN- Samantha Brown
purse: Kate Spade

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