Fox + Charlotte + Vera

Blouse // Blazer // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace // Wallet: Vera Bradley- Mocha Rouge

Happy Monday! This morning I will be on Fox in San Antonio at 7:45 a.m. and 9 a.m. to talk about my blog, Ramen Couture and back to school fashion. So locals, check it out!

This outfit is apart of my Back to School Fashion, which will be featured on Fox this morning. This is my 'Day on the Town' look, which can easily be transferred from day to night with a lace blazer. And now your ready for a perfect fall day/night on the town!

Charlotte Russe and I teamed up to create these fabulous looks. And Vera Bradley hooked me up with some fabulous handbags, backpacks, iPhone cases, and wallets. You will see more looks over the next few days featuring more Vera Bradley, Charlotte Russe, and a new addition to the mall La Cantera (in San Antonio), Love Culture. So stay tuned darlings!

Also the amazing photography is by Cory Bellamy, check out his iphoneography blog here!

Thank you Charlotte Russe at La Cantera for being amazing with helping put together beautiful outfits and being so amazing. And another big thank you to Vera Bradley at La Cantera for helping me complete the look with fabulous accessories.

P.S. I ombred my hair! Yay for my best friend knowing how to die hair!