Fancy Flannel

flannel shirt: Target {other hot flannels 1, 2, 3, 4} // blazer: Macy's // jeans: Vigold- Fallas Paredes // boots- gift (Macys)

Flannel has won me over. For the longest I didn't really care for flannel (I thought it looked like a lumberjack's shirt), but now I think it's quite fabulous. The flannel love started on Pinterest (where the best things start) and it sparked a lot of inspiration for non-lumberjack outfits. I got this flannel shirt on sale at target during the spring last year. I planned for this shirt to be a lazy day outfit paired with my comfy, over-worn leggings. Who knew it would end up with a blazer and colored jeans? Well the style gods probably knew, they know everything.

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