Hammer Time

I have a love/hate relationship with harem pants. Some days I'm like, "I love these pants, they are so slimming," then other days I'm like, "why do I look like I belong in MC Hammer's music video 'U Can't Touch This' (not a good thing)."  Before posting this I still couldn't decide if I truly liked this outfit, but I decided to post it anyways. Well this is a fashion blog that does talk about what I'm wearing and I did wear this outfit, so I'm posting it. I must say that harem pants are extremely comfy and feel like I'm wearing dressy sweatpants, and that is ALWAYS a plus! 


Thank you for reading. Hope your having a good Monday!
crop top: Marshalls
pants: Target
heels: Payless
hat: Express
watch: Michael Kors (gift)
lips: NYC CityProof Twistable- Roosevelt Island Red

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