Reasons to be happy

Sometimes you forget the things that make you happy and let the temporary sadness or frustration overcome. Lately I've been this way. Focusing on the bad, replaying Adele and John Mayer (sometimes it can be therapeutic, other times it's just plain what I was doing) and not allowing myself to fully be happy. Maybe it's the stress of finals or just sucky things that happen in life (I know sucky isn't a word, but lets just pretend it is), but I had to wake up and snap out of it! Don't get me wrong, I've been pretty happy lately, but with an exception of last week. I just randomly started focusing on the negative and forgot all about the positive. So if you've been feeling like me lately, STOP! You have so many reasons to be happy and sometimes a simple reminder of everything good in your life will put you back in a positive mindset. Here is my list of reasons to be happy (not in any specific order, except for number one):

1. I am a child of God and I'm never alone.
2. I have an amazing family.
3. I have wonderful friends.
4. My blog and readers.
5. School's almost over.
6. Summer's almost here.
7. My birthday is almost here (June 4th)!
8. The ACL line-up is amazing!
9. Pinterest.
10. The Mindy Project.
11. New Girl.
12. Game of Thrones.
13. There are two Starbucks on my college campus.
14. Chocolate...actually just any dessert.
15. Online shopping....okay, okay, actually online window shopping.

I'm going to stop at fifteen, even though I could write a lot more (like talking about the Hemsworth brothers...goodness they are beautiful). What are the things that make you happy? Write them, type them, or whatever you like and hang it up and remind yourself the little reasons to be happy!

Thank you for reading!

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