birthday bliss

{birthday cake}

{photo booth pictures}

{cesar salad cups}

{strawberry cheesecake cookies}

{caramel crasin popcorn}

{strawberry cupcakes with pearl sprinkles}

{red velvet cupcakes with pearl sprinkles}

{oreo truffles, with a surprise minty taste inside}

{lovely ladies}

Hello lovelies! Today is my birthday and I couldn't be happier! I had a birthday party a couple of weeks back in my hometown and had a blast! My mom and her wonderful friends did everything for my birthday, they are the sweetest ladies. They got all of these beautiful ideas from the best place ever, pinterest (check out my party hardy board for birthday inspiration)! I am so happy to have great friends and family to surround myself with. 

Today I started summer classes (I know, great way to start a birthday) so I could not take any photos of myself this morning, because things were a little crazy, so I'm sharing photos of my lovely birthday party. Time to blow out my candles and make a wish (It will definitely be fashion related)!


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