Pink ombre cake

Hello darlings! Ombre has truly become an obsession of mine. It's on my clothes, cake, nails, and the next step will be my hair! This trend has truly taken over, even my friends are tired of me mentioning ombre every second (well maybe I'm exaggerating a tad). Either way I am loving it and I don't think were going to break-up anytime soon, unless a better, hotter, taller trend came along and swept me off my feet. Now I am just mumbling, back to the cake.

I made a pink ombre cake for my birthday and I thought it turned out pretty well. It certainly was delicious, and now my skinny jeans are a little too skinny. Oh well, it's my cake I can cry if I want too (isn't that how it goes, nope didn't think so). Have a lovely day dolls!

If you like what you see check out this recipe and the pearl sprinkles in various colors can be found at most local grocery stores. I made some slight modifications, I used chocolate icing (pre-made of course) and I used McCormick's neon dye in pink and regular red dye too.