DIY colorblock belt

Happy Wednesday beautiful people! I have been so excited about showing you all this DIY I recently did. Pinterest has made me DIY motivated! I knew my first project had to involve colorblocking since I am loving it so much this spring. My inspiration for this project is here. I love turning a drabby old belt into beauty. Facelift for accessories!

What You'll Need:
- a old belt (mine was leather)
- your favorite acrylic paint
- paintbrush
- rubbing Alcohol (I substituted nail polish remover)
- painter's tape
- ruler
- a writing utensil (to mark where you want to paint)
- blowdryer (optional, if your patient then you don't need one)
- sandpaper or a large nail file (not necessary on suede)
- small container or plate for painting (I used cardboard)
- newspaper or anything you want to protect the surface you are painting on

Step 1: Measure the area evenly you want to paint with a ruler. Mark the area with a writing utensil and tape a line where you want to paint to be. I suggest trying on the belt and taking note of where you would like the paint to be placed.

Step 2: Use sandpaper or a nail file on the area you want to paint to make the surface rougher so the paint will adhere to the surface of your belt.

Step 3: Use rubbing alcohol or in my case nail polish remover over the sandpapered area to remove any special coating or finishes on the belt. Rub over the surface using a cotton ball or cloth. Wait for it to dry.

Step 4: Once dried apply the first coat of your favorite color of acrylic paint. Wait for the first coat to dry before applying the next. To speed the process, since I'm inpatient, I used a blowdryer on cool for about 5 minutes or until the paint looked dry. 

Notice that the first few coats will be sheer. But once the paint starts to dry it will darken and begin to become opaque. In between coats bend the leather so there will be no cracks in the paint once you wear it.

Step 5: Once your belt is painted to your desired color let dry for about 24 hours. Once dry, remove the tape and wa-lah a fabulous makeover for your belt!

Tip: If you get any paint on the parts of the belt that you don't want to be painted, simply dab a cotton ball or cloth in nail polish remover and apply. It comes off with ease. I suggest doing this within 24 hours so the paint won't completely dry.

I got a little excited about colorblocking old items and also did this old purse! You like? 


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