comfy cozy chic

Cutouts or Stripes

These looks are affordable, cozy, and fabulous. Comfy enough for class, but cute enough that you won't be embarrassed to see that cute lab partner from last semester. I (unintentionally) made each outfit under $35. Both outfits have a sweater and leggings, perfect combination for classes. The purse, knee-high socks, and boots can be paired with either outfit and don't just have to go with these outfits, but many more that are hiding in your closet. The cutout sweater on the left is for a warmer day and the striped sweater is for a cooler day on-campus. If you see me around campus on a test day I will most likely be in one of these combinations. It's back to the books and back to the office. See you at the library with a grande cup of coffee!

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