shoes saturday

Okay so I am a little late on the trend, but I am completely obsessed with Toms. I have always been in love with Toms since they came out but never had the dollars for them. This wonderful Christmas my lovely mom and boyfriend gifted the pink and black glitter Toms to me. They are so comfortable and effortlessly cute, especially for going to classes where a lot walking is a needed. The best part about Toms is their movement, the one for one. For every pair of Toms purchased they give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Giving back and being stylish, what's not to love? There are so many different patterns you can choose from on their website {here}, so go check it out and grab a pair. Now those super tall hot mama leopard wedges are not from Toms, they are from Forever 21. I know what your thinking, how random? But they are so gorgeous I needed to share them with everyone. They were less than $30 from Forever 21 (hot deal). Now as soon as I get a place to wear them I will plan an amazing outfit and show you all, but for now they are just the center piece of my room. Have a great weekend darlings. Meow!

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